Sunday 29 June 2014

Picture of the Day 28.06.14 - Curious Doll

We finally got to visit my new niece yesterday and see Fashionista Sister.  I couldn't get enough of holding her.  You know the relative who barges in and hogs the baby, that was me.  It reminded me too how much work a newborn is - feeds on demand, constant rounds of nappy changes, trying to wake the baby, feed her, finally think you're done, to find heer hungry again.  It reminded me too of how powerful the love Allah (SWT) places in parents for their loved ones, so that they endure through lost sleep, anxiety, pain and exhaustion with only thought for their little one.

We introduced Darling to her new cousin, to find that she didn't seem very interested at first.  She has some of her sisters old dolls at home and isn't much interested apart from occasionally poking them in the eye before throwing them aside in favour of her brothers toys which have lights and sounds.

She didn't even seem that concerned when I held her which is surprising considering how territorial she is.  If Gorgeous ever gets into my lap he gets pushed or dragged out by his bossy little sister.

It was only when the baby started moving and making noises that she caught her cousin's attention.  When bubba started crying, Darling followed her up the stairs for her nappy change fascinated.  Perhaps she thought this doll was a bit more entertaining.


  1. Ramadan Mubarak to your family. And the newest fashionista baby.
    May this month bring peace and many blessings your way inshaAllah.

  2. Anonymous29 June, 2014

    A time of joy for new parents. And many surprises instore (lol). But you learn and try your best.
    As for being a Khala it is super fun. The little ones growing up together (near or far) having a special bond.

  3. Congratulations and Ramadan Mubarak to you and family!

  4. Salam sis I have just come across ur blog a few days ago... I'm a stay at home mum with 2 kids and trying to improve my relationship with Allah and my hubby also goes away in jamat often and 6 weeks every year... It gave me great joy to read ur blog and just to know there are others experiencing the same as me ... Keep the post coming jazakallah khair

  5. Such a cute photo!! Darling looks like a big girl next to the newest addition to the family :)