Thursday 26 June 2014

Little Sweetheart

Finally got to go to Luton to see my younger sister.  Wasn't allowed to see the baby as she was still in the hospital, so had to stay at her home whilst both sets of grandparents went to visit.  What was really funny was that whilst my sister was at the hospital, her husband kept the rest of us sisters company and told us the birth story.  I'm sure Fashionista will tell her story on her blogg at some point, but he had us in stitches.

We had to make do with pictures of baby and tasty pakora's and samosa's made by my sisters mum-in-law.

This was the card I made for her:

I only realised after I had uploaded this picture that it could do with a tiny bit more tidying up.  When I was making it, I had to fend off darling who was trying to pull bits off it and scatter my craft supplies everywhere and get to the glue all at the same time.

While we were there, we got a tour of the baby's room which Fashionista's husband and his brother got ready whilst she was still in hospital.  Mash'Allah I thought it was lovely.  Fashionista picked out this wall decal:

The baby's crib will be in her parent's room, but this is a nice place for Fashionista to nurse her during the day.

I like how every item of clothing that the baby's dad laid out referred either to him or his football team.

I'm dying to go back and see the baby now that she is home from the hospital, but not sure will get the chance until after Ramadan unless I can hitch a ride with someone, otherwise I'll have to wait till hubby gets back from Germany close to Eid and make extra trips to make up for not seeing her yet.

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