Thursday 26 June 2014

Little Lady's School Barbeque

Little Lady is nearly finished with primary school, after about four more weeks the school holidays begin and then the adventure of secondary school.  When I was a kid this meant the relief of primary school ending and an end to being pushed around because I was so small and the terror of big school after the holidays (there always seemed to be lots of scary stories about what the big kids would do to us).

Now it seems this means an end of school barbeque, graduation ceremony and party.  I've taken time off to attend these, but thankfully the barbeque fell on my non-working day (or I should say non-office day as there doesn't seem to ever be such a thing as a non-working day any more).

I dropped by for an hour or so to see what the kids were up to.  This was the stack of about 150 burgers that the teachers and parent volunteers had to cook:

At the rate it was taking on the two little barbeques, the kids were going to get their food after some time.  Kudos to the mums who bought the halal burgers and stood in the heat making all 100+ of them

The non halal food (below) looked much tastier than the processed chicken burgers.

My contribution was two trays of samosa's from the packet, which got gobbled up.  I was a bit embarrassed that people thought I had made them at home.  Even moreso when I realised that someone's big tub of home-made spring rolls were attributed to me too (I didn't realise till home time when Little Lady bought someone's tub home).

One of my friends has a daughter in LL's class and came in to do henna for the kids:

It was nice to catch up with some of the mums and LL's teacher, it was nice to chat with some of her friends, most of all it was nice when her friends kept thinking I was her big sister. 

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