Saturday 13 October 2012

Rainbow Tasbih Gift

As I currently seem to have time on my hands (a rare occurrence), I thought I would keep my hands busy. and my mind occupied.

I made a rainbow tasbih (prayer/dhikr beads) for my mum-in-law last year and she loved it and used it loads until someone asked her for it.  I knew she wanted another one, so I made the tasbih below for the kids to give her on Eid. 

The crystals for this are smaller and the tasbih is therefore lighter and easier for her to use.

I have had this little silver pendant of the kaabah for years.  It was a gift for Little Lady that she never wore as the chain had broken.  I thought it would add a nice touch. 

I liked it so decided to make myself one too.  Particularly, after I have the baby I won't be able to pray salah for some time, so it would be nice to have some dhikr beads handy.