Saturday, 17 July 2010

Rainbow Tasbeeh

Ever since I received these beads, my mum-in-law has been mentioning at regular intervals what a pretty tasbeeh, or set of prayer beads, they would make. I decided to take the hint and have fun with the pretty colours and put together the tasbeeh below.

I used donut-shaped crystal beads called rondelles with a diameter of 8mm in a repeat pattern of colours. I used two "spacer" beads with coloured rhinestones to mark the 33rd bead from both side of the starting point. In between the two spacers I threaded 34 more beads bringing the total to 100. I wasn't sure where to get a long bead for the "aleph"as the part at the top where the two ends of the tasbeeh join, is called. Instead I used 6 of the rhinestone spacer beads next to each other to form a column. I threaded the beads onto wire which I fed through all of the beads twice. Where the wire emerged, I used tiny white 4mm crystal rondelles to create the tassle you usually find at the end of the aleph. At the end of each tassle, where I tied a knot, I then painted the knot with clear nail varnish to prevent the knots from unravelling.

I have seen very pretty Swarovski crystal ones in an Islamic goods store nearby, but the price was above what I would pay, even if they do catch my eye every time I walk past. Insh'Allah, I hope to make one for my mum in the pretty summer colours she likes and perhaps another in white for my dad. Mum-in-law absolutely loved hers and insh'Allah I am sue it will be well-used. I have asked her not to be too gentle with it so I can get an idea if the knots are tight enough and where there are any flaws.


  1. Mashallah it looks so beautiful sis! I would love to try making something so nice mashallah! However, Im not really a crafty person :-(

  2. MashaAllah.... very beautiful! Do I see a possible budding business??? If you decide to, post it on your blog- I would love to purchase one for my MIL

  3. You have blended the colours in so beautifully - love it. Mashallah. I love this mesbah.

  4. Masha'Allah,

    These look beautiful sister. You're so creative. Don't know how you find the time with work, kids and a house full of visitors masha'Allah.

  5. Wow this is gorgeous.

    I can happily "TEST" this for you by putting it through a rigorous Quality Control - Just in time for Ramadaan.

    I wouldn't even know where or how to start making something as pretty as this.
    As it is I have a crazy amount of regular tasbeeh's that have unravelled, waiting to be rethreaded.

    You so "crafty" and I meant that in a good way.

  6. Masha'Allah beautiful sis. Just beautiful.

  7. Masha'Allah, these are lovely, love your choice of colours!

  8. wow.. that's so pretty! we have tons of beads.. maybe i should make some too.. or i think i will let the kids make their own.. they're after my fake-chrystal one all the time :P

  9. mashallah its a great design i love it

  10. Anonymous27 July, 2012

    Sooh pretty, just what i'm looking for!

  11. How can I get these?

    1. Salam,
      I'm not sure, I'm not making these to sell at the moment, but you may be bale to find similat to buy online through a google search, eBay or Etsy.