Saturday 22 September 2012

Trip to Olympic Park: Gardens and Rivers

Although we received tickets to the Paralympic swimming heats, what I really wanted to do was see the Olympic Park before it closed down for a year.

There was lots of art installations and the venues to see, but I was particularly interested to view the various gardens.

I really liked this waterfall.  It was  a hot day and when we walked over the bridge we got sprinkled by the water falling over the side.

There were various formal and more informal looking areas planted along the river bank.

The nicest garden was the Great British Garden below.

I did find that the gardens were not as spectacular as I had expected, but I think that was partly because the sheer volume of visitors had meant that so much if the meadows had gotten trampled.  Also, keeping in mind that this park used to be polluted and contaminated waste ground.  Hubby is a removal man and moved more than one of the companies that used to inhibit this area and remembers what a dead-end kind of place used to be and how happy they were at getting paid to get out.  Now its parkland with meadows, gardens and marshlands.  I look forward to taking the family when it reopens in a years time.

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  1. Looks lovely, I cant wait to visit it next year. We were in London in between the Olympics and Paralympics, it was nice to bump into a couple of the Paralympic athletes who were also enjoying the sights!