Wednesday 5 September 2012

Fashionista's Henna Night: Preparation

This week has been super busy and chaotic with preparation for Fashionista Sisters wedding.  With our penchant for fun, this has somehow turned into a long series of parties, with a few more days still to go. 

Last Friday was Fashionista’s henna.  This involved a few days of preparation on the part of sisters, sister-in-law and some good friends who really made the time and effort to help out.

On the morning of the henna, we were all in mum’s kitchen assembling thaals (trays of henna, tealights and decorations), flower garlands and trays of food for the evening event..

We brought home large bunches of flowers and snipped off all of the blooms.

We made rosebud bracelets for Fashionista to wear on her hands.

We ended up with a big basket of flower garlands to hand out to our guests.

Sis-in-law spent a lot of time an effort making fruit displays like the one below to feed the bride during the henna ceremonies.

 We used organza bags in the colours of the henna theme (turquoise, lime, hot pink and purple) for favour bags.  We filled these a few nights before with nuts, dried dates, sugar crystals, sweets and something called Shahi Meva Supari which people eat as a snack in Pakistan.

Mum's rose plants got raided for petals for use at the venue.

We found this old metal pot (an incense burner?) which we had use on my brothers henna.  it was bought with a whole load of other metals things at a charity shop and painted gold.

We lined it with foil and filled it with thickly mixed henna which we used for the henna ceremony.


  1. Lovely pictures!! I especially loved the carved watermelon :-)

  2. Thank you, sis-in-law took ages and I got to eat the bits that she cut off from the fruit.