Sunday 30 September 2012

Fashionista's Wedding Reception: Sparkly Dresses

I loved how the dresses for the wedding turned out.  Fashionista originally wanted to go for hot pink, but took one look at this dress and decided she had found the one.  After hunting all over London (Green Street, Ilford Lane, Southall), she found this in Birmingham.  We made a second trip with her to take a look and it was so sparkly and eye-catching and the embroidery so well done that we were sold as soon as we saw it.

The dress was full on, so the bouquet was kept simple with classic velvety red roses.

We were all decked in tons of sparkly bangles.

Kooks had the biggest, sparkliest accessory for her hijab, which looked fab, but fell off as soon as the guests arrived.

The grooms party was greeted with fresh rose petals (partly raided from mum's garden).

I thought our sis-in-laws jhoomar was ever so pretty (love the red stones and antique colouring in this).

More henna and bling.

Even the smallest, cutest member of our family got in the act with a wispy white dress, pretty bangles and the tiniest little toe-post shoes which kept falling off her feet.

The outfits for us sisters, sis-in-law and mum were all midnight blue.  We all had a splash or hint of red somewhere in homage to the bride. (Below are Shutterbug Sister, Mum, Sis-in-law and Kooks).

Below are Shutterbug Sister and me.  I was worried my abaya would not fit me, but I managed to get in and the enormous hijab helped add coverage too.

Everyone thought that my two boys had the coolest outfits, matching with their dads.  One of my cousins came round in the morning before we left for the venue and created GQ-style quiffs in their hair, which added to the look (that's Little Lady in her red dress running past in the background).

It was a lovely day.  Lots of hard work and running around, but Fashionista was happy as were the grooms family at the welcome we gave them.  There are lots more pics on Kooks blog here.

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