Sunday 30 September 2012

Fashionista's Wedding Reception: Venue and Food Displays

Fashionista's wedding colours coordinated with her beautiful dress, the traditional red and gold that Punjabi's wear.

Kooky Little Sister had the bright idea of putting pictures of the bride and groom on the table with the guest book, so dashed out the day before the wedding to get pictures printed and find some little frames.

We spent a good few hours filling the little favour boxes with sweets and nuts and trying not to eat the contents a few days before the wedding.

The venue organised this fruit table for us.  I always used to wonder if anyone eats the fruit or if it goes to waste, but this seriously got demolished, everything got eaten or taken away.  We even ended up eating the water melons.

One of the parents of the children Fashionista taught in her Reception class made the cake and cupcakes for her.  She ordered the little models of the bride and groom as keepsakes.

They actually tasted as good as they looked.  We had to park the kids around the table and tell them to stop the other kids (and grown ups) from sneaking cakes until the bride had cut the cake.  Then these got eaten super quick too.

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