Wednesday 5 September 2012

Fashionista's Henna Night: Dessert Table

 One of Fashionista’s friends put days of work into creating a beautiful dessert table for her henna.

There were lots of home-made cookies and cakes, halal sweets and baklava.  She finished the look off with pretty candles and gold chocolate coins on the table, which was a nice touch.

Everyone was super-impressed with display.  The only thing that upset me a little were a few rude guests whose children demolished the display in minutes despite mothers being asked to leave the display at least until the bride and her guests had seem them.  The minute we stepped away the table got stampeded and the food polished off.  Next time, I think a fly swatter may be in order for sneaky hands!

There are loads more fab pictures of the night on Kookies blog here and here.  I hope to post pictures of the nikah (marriage ceremony) day shortly.  In the meantime, we have four nights of dhoki fun to get through (ladies only in a marquee in mum's garden - you should hear me singing like a loud crow!) and a family night with close family before the wedding reception this weekend.  I also managed to get two tickets for the Paralympic swimming tomorrow so hope to go see the Olympic Park and the kids go back to school tomorrow so have school bags, book bags, lunch bags and PE bags to pack today.  This is turning out to be some week.

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  1. Oh hun... looks amazing.. can you please ask her for her recipe for the Nan Katai? post it to my fb insha'Allah... hubby would be so pleased if I could get these and I would rather have it from a tried and tested recipe.. the ones we made last time just didnt work that well :(