Wednesday 27 July 2011

Mum-in-Law is Back!

Mum-in-law has returned from Pakistan to stay with us for a few months much to the children's excitement and my and hubby's relief.  She is currently with the children through the day whilst I am at work (summer holidays) and she is my walking partner whilst the children are at madrassah in the evening.

Her being here means there is another feminine presence in the house.  I come home and the house is not only in order but cleaner than before.

The day after she came to us, my mum came around to see her and asked after my garden.  I tried to convince them there was nothing outside to see, but they were not having it and went outside to take a look.  Within 15 minutes the two of them had filled three big bags with weeds and clippings from my overgrown garden.  Yesterday it was the turn of the kitchen.

The best thing is how very happy the children are the roses that are appearing in their cheeks - mum-in-law loves spending all day trying to feed them.

Mum-in-law also came bearing gifts.  I had planned to geet everyone's new clothes for Eid before Ramadan, but she pipped me to the post.

This pretty pink outfit with the diamante stones and pearls was for Little Lady: 

Both of the boys were given embroidered shalwar kameez outfits.

I received a beutiful white dress with a very wide skirt made up of (quite heavy) embroidered panels.

The other outfit I received was rather serendipitous.  I saw someone wearing something similar and thought how lovely, but where hvae I got the time and money to get something like that made.  Alhamdulillah, I and one of my sister-in-law, Umm Hamza, have similar tastes and she is the one that went shopping for me.  The pictures don't so this outfit justice, its very pretty and very feminine.   I can't wait to wear them and I am rather releived I don't have to o Eid shopping at the moment.

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  1. Beautiful embroidery! alhamdlillah for wonderful MILs