Saturday 30 July 2011

Anything Wrong With This Picture?

Hmm...where to begin.

My children are not normally allowed any fizzy drinks (except for the sips sneaked by my mum, sisters, cousins...when I am not looking).  I was out shopping and these mini cans were being given away.  I couldn't say no to a freebie and they gave us one each - except they opened them first so we had to drink them.  Everyone dumped their empty cans onto the pram.  When we got to the supermarket, the lady at the checkout suggested four cans of coke might not be such a great idea for such a small child, it might make him hyper.  Little did she know how bonkers this child has become over the last week stuck at home and with enough energy accumulating for ten children.

The second thing that looks a bit off is the pram.  Four is way too big for a pram.  I am always very contemptuous of parents who bring children in school uniform to school in a pram.  But I needed something to put my shopping in and I haven't bought myself a granny shopping trolley yet, so have to turf him out and fill the pram with my groceries.  Plus its handy because he won't hold anyones hand and got lost in the supermarket about two weeks ago frightening the life out of me.  When you do hold his hand, he has this little habit where he digs his nail into the palm of your hand again and again until you are ready to go crazy.  Or he hangs off your hand so that you are half dragging him along until your arm is about to come off.

I think I am going to hold onto the pram for a while yet.  Maybe until he is twelve or so.


  1. I have also seen children going to school on pram and I always think how do they fit the child in the pram because they're far to old to be in a pram. But I think he's better of in a pram than being dragged on your hand.

  2. You can always put a leash on him. I actually have a couple of harnesses from when my children were smaller, with a long tether. After a few times with it, they usually learned to be good. One of my boys used to lay down on the ground when I put it on him, so I would just drag him along a little. Not enough to hurt him, just enough to show him I was not kidding, and that he would be better off holding my hand or staying right by me. They got the picture fast. Kids are smart. And you know, I have a couple that are very, um, high spirited.