Sunday 31 July 2011

Mum and Muslim Re-launched as Aaila!!


I am very happy to announce the launch of Mum and Muslim's new website with their August/September Ramadan issue.  Now called Aaila, the magazine has changed name to reflect the diversity of its articles and readership.  The editor Umm Imran says:

"Assalamu alaikum all!

With Ramadan fast approaching, we have launched our latest issue of our magazine. However, there are several changes which we hope are bigger and better than before.

Firstly, we have changed the name of the magazine to 'Aaila', which is the Arabic for family (though this technically means 'extended family' i.e. includes everyone outside of father, mother & children - which is 'Usra'). We wanted to make this change to be more inclusive of dads but also because many of our writers have written about topics that affect more than just mums and their children.

As a result, we have a new logo and now have a new website - . Please visit the website and provide any comments that you may have.

Secondly, by moving to the new website, it has a new look and greater functionality than our existing website. For example, for those of you who want to read on-the-go, there is a function by which you can print the latest edition out as a magazine. It is also inshallah accessible by mobile phone and we are going to make this accessible on Blackberrys etc soon too.

Thirdly, we are in the process of finalising our newsletter that we also hope to send to you regularly. This is also from this new website and is an exciting change.

In the next month or so, Mum and Muslim will eventually just redirect you to the new site, as well as our contact details will be migrated to new Aaila ones.

We hope you enjoy the new magazine and thanks again for your support and duas in helping us get this far."

Insh'Allah, do visit the site and support the teams in their effort and hard work with your comments and feedback.  If you are interested in contributing an article, blog post, poetry, short story, recipe or how-to tutorial, please do get in touch with Umm Imran at .

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