Monday 11 July 2011

2011 Trip to Hewitts Farm

We have visited Hewitt's Farm most summers since I was a little girl.  This is a pick your own fruit and veg farm and usually we go in early summer during Strawberry season or late summer/early Autumn when the orchards are ready (apples, pears and plums).  This year we managed to miss strawberry season, but had lots of fun anyway:

After visiting a boot fair early in the morning, then spending a few hours at the farm we were shattered, so headed to Orpington Park which is beautiful.  This is the meadow carpeted with daisies where we had our picnic lunch (chicken sandwiches, fajita's, lamb burgers and melon and watermelon fruit salad)

Little Man loves taking pictures and went off with my mobile phone to take lots of pictures of ducks (this is turning out to be a very convenient way to keep him occupied - give him photo assignments!)

We came home exhausted and everyone needed a nap, but managed to bring home some delicious fresh fruit.  I made cauliflower and potato curry the next day and cut and froze some of the cauli's, the fine beans I will cook with chicken and Gorgeous decimated the raw peas - he has a way of eating them where he half opens them an scrapes the pea's into his mouth - I wonder if he has eaten any bugs...of course the raspberries we picked didn't quite make it home.


  1. sounds like tons of fun :) I spot Canadian geese :D

  2. I love that farm. I still remember the last time I went there.

  3. what a garden. do u know about dajjal visit -