Sunday 6 March 2011

Strange Times, Strange Meals, Strange Children

Have had a funny, aimless kind of a weekend, with nothing much getting done. I have been giving myself a break and trying not to feel guilty about it. Lots to think about at the moment. My department at work has just made four out of six senior managers redundant and had interviews for the remaining middle management. This means about 18 people are applying for about 9 posts, we will find out tomorrow who got through and who didn't. In the following months, it will be our turn (policy officers and support officers) to come under scrutiny. So I have been thinking about redundancy, planning next steps in my career if I keep the job, my husband's business, business opportunities for myself (American Muslim Mom has inspired me lots when it comes to this), further studies and finding further writing opportunities for myself.

At the same time, as the kids get bigger, things feel easier, there is less tedious a-b-c, 1-2-3 and there are more interesting conversations and learning. I can see how being around more benefits them and the more I do with them, the more their cofidence grows, I need to keep that momentum up and to have some discipline about homework and studies - without it all getting boring. One scheme I have thought up is getting Little Lady to spend some of her Eid money (the girl made £25 and refused to hand it over!) on stock when the boot fairs begin and sell it to her school friends, if she gets the enterpreneurial bug, then good for her, if not, fine too. Just a thought.

I've also been fretting about my weight. I kept thinking how did I get so heavy? That was until I decided to make sure and weigh myself at my mum's and found myself a stone lighter than my scales had been telling me earlier that day. I was so relieved! That was the end of the month-long sugar fast and self-righteous avoidance of the Sainsburies sweet aisle I can tell you. I have been stuffing myself with sweets all weekend.

Strange weekends deserve strange meals, so leftover rice with coleslaw and potato salad with coffee and sugar cane chunks for dessert is what I could muster (I didn't get anywhere near the orange juice, the boys drank it as soon as I looked the other way).

Speaking of boys, they just aren't the same species are they? Little Lady is sitting on my bed in her new white velour tinkerbell pyjamas (courtesy of nan), curled up like a Siamese cat with her Enid Blyton book (The Naughtiest Girl in the School) whilst the boys are playing a kicking game. I turned around from my laptop when I heard their laughter to find them taking turns to kick each other in the backside and laughing hysterically, why would you do that? A six year old and a four year old doesn't sound very fair, but they are about the same size (I get asked by everyone if they are twins) and Gorgeous is probably heftier (he is built like a mini rubgy player).
Okay, I spoke too soon, the Siamese has decided to join the fun and they are all aiming kicks whilst arguing about who is the baddy. I really have to get them enrolled in karate classes soon insh'Allah.

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  1. ZenPrincess13 March, 2011

    sounds like a lovely weekend! I share your sentiments entirely, and am trying to chill more with the kids, rather then the dictator/cook/cleaner role I sometimes find myself in. Yesterday took the kids to The Big Bang at the Excel - a v. inspiring science fair. Wow - isn't science amazing. Luckily my eldest seems to be exceling in it, but I need to get the others enthused about it too. Sunday, cleaned the house, cooked enough for the next few days and feel incredibly content.
    Wow - you and I are living parallel lives. I am poss. facing redundancy in Jul=y, and am seriously exploring working for myself in a flexible way so I can be there for my brood, as well as writing.