Friday 18 March 2011

Gratitude Journal 18.03.11 - Jummah Sensations

I have been craving a day off. However a day off usually means a day where I am keen to do as much as I can outside of work. After a week with a sore shoulder (most likely a mix of being hunched in front of a computer and a too heavy handbag), I decided to have a proper day off - one where I don't do ANY kind of work.

So I spent the morning loafing round the house and browsing various book blogs. I picked up Gorgeous from nursery (the teacher was embarrassed not to recognise me again) and spent the afternoon wandering around the shopping centre where there was a "French" market with stalls selling Chinese gifts, English crockery and paella. I wanted to try the paella, but wasn't confident about its halal-ness, so might try making some myself tomorrow.

Picked Little Lady and Little Man from school, where they were celebrating Red Nose Day by wearing red and headed to mum's for an evening lounging with my book. Mum is very houseproud and loves pretty things so there is always plenty to please my senses while my children make her lose hers.

These tulips were a gift to her from Kooky Little Sister. All three of my sisters usually buy her flowers on the weekend.

She was rather pleased with these cushions she has just bought - love the cherries and all the embroidery.

I took along books for me and the kids - I managed to get a bit of reading done, the kids all turned to zombies and forgot the books as soon as Scooby-doo came on.

They had fun trying to thread these sweets, but overdosed on sugar with both these and the chocolates my mum handed out - right before dinner!!

Mum's garden is blooming already - I just loved the rain drenched Camelia's. Might venture out into my garden tomorrow and see what it looks like out there.

Talking of senses, one of the things I have grown up with is the smell of attar (Arabic scent) on a Friday and today was no exception, when I unfolded my dad's prayer mat, I got a wonderful smell that reminded me of so many Fridays from when I was younger.

Jummah Mubarak, I hope your Jummah day was a good one insh'Allah.

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