Monday 21 March 2011

Gratitude Journal 21.03.11

I had to go visit a friend today, so decided to go whilst the kids were at madrassah. I got back to find hubby getting dinner ready and Little Man proudly showing off the chapatti he had made (he rolled it out, his dad cooked it).

Alhamdulillah, it took me almost two years of grudging practice to get a round chapatti, and he has it down already (the chunk out of the side is where I was trying to get him to actually eat his creation). I was rather proud of him.

Little Man also got his glasses this weekend. As a glasses-wearer since the age of ten (albeit a contact lense wearer for the last ten years), I am very sensitive to the fact that both of my older children have ended up with glasses and the impact this has on the wearer. Alhamdulillah, I have never seen anyone so excited to be wearing glasses as this boy - he counted down the days to when we had to pick them up and has been wearing them every chance he gets (polishing them every hour or so). I have to say he totally rocks them - we keep calling him Harry Puttar (Punjabi for son) which makes him happy too.


  1. LOL. That's so funny. Bless Harry Puttar, what a happy easy going young man!
    You must be so proud of his chapatti! Fantastic moment in a childs life when they can make something like that and give it to a parent or relative. Love it!

  2. fashionista22 March, 2011

    he's gona be sucha mummy's boy! (but in a good way) ;)