Wednesday 16 March 2011

Slap and Slime - My Picks

Long ago Mr Removal man (aka my beloved) brought me home a nice slim cupboard which I had fantasies about organising my toiletries and accessories in. Over the years it has become a bolt-hole for all kinds of things I have accumulated. I left it open the other day and it caught my husband's eye - "what on earth..." - you can bet I shut the door quick.

Anyway, I'm always curious as to what the best products for the lowest prices are. I pick up lots of nice pricey items for next to nothing in summer from the boot sales (as long as they are sealed in packaging), so I get to try things that would be out of my price range otherwise. This has also meant that I have found that sometimes the most expensive items are not the best ones.
This is my inexpensive staple - Astral moisturiser, this goes on with whatever else I am using, and I find that if I don't use it for a while, my skin looks a little duller.

This Clinique Take The Day Off make-up remover was reccommended to me by my optician as I have very sensitive eyes. I can clean kohl from right inside the rim of my eye with this and it takes everything off effortlessly, which means that i is good for correcting mistakes (applied with a cotton bud stick). A bit expensive, but in this case worth it I think

I have tried numerous random moisturisers from department store ranges to chemist own, and so am not easily impressed. Everything is too greasy, heavy, oily, inneffective or too light. I haven't used Body Shop products in a long time, but the lovely Sister in the shop tried this Vitamin C Skin Reviver on the back of my hand and I was sold. Smells wonderfully citrussy but has the most amazing texture once on my skin - a real treat.

I have tried numerous products for my unpredictable skin, some have worked for a while and then become inneffective, but nothing I felt was reliable. This Boots brand Tea Tree Night Treatment Gel was recommended by another Sister and seems to do the job. I haven't had a spot since I have been using this. A little drying, so I always put mosituriser over the top of it, but also nice and cheap.

I have used all sorts for my dry hair and not much works. This Advance Techniques hair serum from Avon seems to do a bit better than most though - not too greasy and smells of coconut. I would love to hear from sisters what products they use for their hair that really work as I have not found anything amazing in terms of shamppo, conditioners etc.

Because I have to do wudhu at work, I have stopped wearing make-up over the years, but there are a few items that sit in the bottom of my bag. The Carmex is an old favourite from my student days. It's less greasier than vaseline and seems to stay on longer. The lip gloss is Revlon Colourstay (nude) and this is the first light lip colour that I have found that doesn't look terrible on me. I never thought I would find a nude lip colour for my skin, so this is a real favourite (thanks to Kooky Little Sister!). Also, it just does not come off until you want it to (you need make-up remover for this one) The orange wand is the Eye Reviver Duo and is from the same range as the Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser above. I have tried a number of eye creams and this one seems to tighten my skin up immediately (makes me sound like a wrinkly old thing!). A good recommendation for an eye cream from sisters would also be welcome.

This olive oil is the cure all in my cupboard. I use it for my hair and skin and for the children's hair and skin as Little Lady and Gorgeous suffer from eczema and this seems to help. It doesn't smell too strong and skin just seems to drink it in.

My mum-in-laws and mum both have a real thing about women who wear open shoes with cracked heels, they are very conscientious about taking care of their feet and have made me the same. I have tried five or six different brands of foot scrub and this one stands out as the best.

Why do I feel so frivolous writing this post. I'm almost expecting someone to tell me off ...
What are your best budget and expensive beauty buys, I would love to hear from Sisters.


  1. Salaam sis. The best thing I've found for scratchy heels (yuck!lol) is Sally Hansen Just for Feet deep callous remover. It's a blend of tea tree oil and some other things. You put it on, and rub it in for about a minute then rinse off. I then use a foot scrubber with the cheese grater end (another yuck!) and also the smoother to finish.

    Sometimes I do one more minute treatment to get any little snaggy pieces off. It works great for me. :-) That's my recommendation. Oh and it's cheap, less than $4 for the bottle which lasts a while.

    I think more women should be against women who wear sandals with cracked heels. It's just not a good look! lol

  2. Salamun alayk sis.
    The body shop vitamin c range is fab, I'm a fan of the skin reviver also - their microdermabrasion scruby thing is great - I used to go for microdermabrasion sessions, but this is an excellent and cheaper alternative.
    The best thing for your feet: a terracotta foot stone, you know the type they use in Pakistan??
    Finally: I'm a beauty junkie but the best beauty tip: wash your face with (pure) honey in the morning every day (google for the reviews.) It's a cure for every woman's skin ailments. It wasn't called shifa for nothing right?

  3. Assalaamu 'alaikum!

    I don't think you sound frivulous at all...I think it's important women, especially mums take time out to indulge a little bit and take care of our bodies.

    I have recently come across the skincare range from origins. It's a bit pricey but their products are natural and really worth it.

  4. Assalaamu alakaikum sister,

    A "girly" post. Exactly what I like now and again.
    I'm a huge fan of Handmade Naturals (100% natural products) and that's all I use for my face (face cream, eye cream etc). For body care I'm a fan of oils (jasmine for me and almond or coconut for my girls, I can't stand the smell of olive oil).
    BTW, they've got the most fantastic footcream ever (bit pricey but a little goes a long way). Check the website out when you have a minute, their products are really fantastic.

  5. Zenprincess18 March, 2011

    Great post! I have tried lots of skincare over the years, but my current fave is A'kin - natural, full of essential oils, completely halal and gorgeous. They do a lovely creamy cleanser with a slight fragrance of roses that leaves my dry skin clean, glowing and almost not needing moisturiser. They also do some very cost effective oils - rosehip, and a radiance oil, a few drops at night leaves skin glowing in the morning. Available on the web and at QVC.

    I too like my feet to be soft and lovely. I alternate between using a microplane foot file, a scrub, the terracotta thing and in the winter, moisturise my feet with body butter at night and pop on socks.

  6. Ohmygosh, this is a post after my own heart. One of my many weaknesses is skincare stuff. I just absolutely love it. I love using Shu Uemura's cleansing oil to wash my face with. I have very dry skin and I find it helps so much that sometimes when i forget to moisturise it doesn't matter. It is pricey but it lasts for ages. I've had my bottle for almost three months now. Cherry Carmex is also a must have. As is a moisturiser I ordered from DressGreen on Etsy called Undressed. I could go on but my laptop's battery is about to die.

  7. Assalam-alaikam dear Sisters,
    Jazakh'Allah-khairun - I really enjoyed reading the comments left as a response to this post. It's given me lots of ideas and sources to research insh'Allah. Insh'Allah, will report back if I find something that I really like.