Friday 18 March 2011

Sewing Boxes

I found this little set of boxes in TK Maxx (I shop I used to avoid like the plague because it seemed too messy and random) and thought they would be perfect to organise my sewing stuff.

The smallest came in handy for Little Lady's embroidery threads and fabric.

The middle-sized one holds my embroidery materials. The piece of embroidery is something Kooky Little Sister was experimenting with a while ago and then decided it wasn't good enough - she is a bit of a perfectionist (I quite liked the colours and the idea).

The largest just about took care of my sewing things.

What I like best is that there are no faces, so I can have them about the house. I think they look rather nice sitting on my sewing machine (that hubby keeps asking when I am going to make use soon as I can find someone to show me how to thread the thing).

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