Monday 17 January 2011

Satisfyingly Busy Weekend

I love weekends, I try not to live for the weekend, but come Friday, there is certainly an air of celebration in our house. One thing about weekend, it is certainly never boring...tiring perhaps, but boring never.

This weekend involved another big cook-up:

Enough laundry to scare the pants off the washing-machine (this lot plus the piles the kids manage to create on their bedroom floor and various places round my house, as well as the clothing they left strewn all over my bed)

E-mails to answer and posts to write (7am on Saturday morning seems to be the only time I get), as well as mail, bills, kids schools letters and various bitty little things that clutter up the back of my mind and my to-do list.

We also had a speaker come round from the masjid for our Sisters Circle on Sunday (which was well attended this weekend with 15 or so ladies). It went well until Gorgeous decided to jump off the sofa and landed on the speaker (the one that plugs into the wall,n not the one that was talking) and it stopped working (the beother was in the front room with my husband). They realised, so finished off then and left us to finish up. I took notes and will try to type up and post (I always say this and have never managed since).

Have also been trying out new recipes and experimenting with my cooking (recipes to follow insh'Allah).

Did manage to get some quite time though...

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  1. Good to see you well and accomplished alot over the weekend. Love the post and the photos:)