Wednesday 26 January 2011

Hoodie Baby

This little one has been coveting the hoodie his older brother got from his Nan for his birthday since the minute he laid eyes on it. Both of my boys are clothes horses and particularly like their warm cosy hoodies. I finally got Little Man to take off the hoodie at bedtime and change into his pyjama's and turned round to find it had been appropriated:

It wasn't long before Little Man spotted Gorgeous wearing his hoodie and all hell broke loose (and time outs ensued). Gogeous will just have to wait three weeks till his birthday for his one. In the meantime, I am having soooo much fun teasing, cuddling and holding this little one, even though he is as big as his big brother now (he is still my baby). Subhan'Allah, no matter how I feel, holding this little mischief-maker brings me so much peace and comfort.

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