Tuesday 4 January 2011

Crafts, Sales and Thrifting

I love both crafts and thrifting, but with no decent boot fairs not until summer, I have avoided buying new materials. A recent trip to a PDSA charity shop though, led to these stamping and embroidery materials. The stamping kit cost £2, and the mini stamps came with it.

A second package for 75p had the embroidery kits and tools and stickers. I think I will put the embroidery stuff in a pretty box as a gift for Little Lady (p.s. a little serendipity, I just hopped over to Umm Aaminah's blog and found that she has just posted a thrifty post too).

These scrapbooking kits and papers are from TK Maxx where they were on sale. There were quite a lot and they are specialist items, so I am expecting them to go down further.

If you do visit TK Maxx, I suggest you take a look in their children's books section, which will be tucked away in an obscure corner somewhere. I found within this section a clearance part which was selling some interesting books of a kind you don't usually see for very cheap (100 Best Poems - £2, The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast £2 and 501 TV-Free Activities for Kids - £3.99, which I am loving - review soon insh'Allah).

I hope to put the kids to bed and sort through all of this stuff insh'Allah whilst hubby is out (look out for a give-away insh'Allah - maybe I should ask people to e-mail me with their favourite quote that I can post?)


  1. as salaamu alaykum, oooooooh got a new favorite blog! I love saving money! I also love crafting!

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  2. Salam Paki Sis, I really love reading your blog. You are very generous for sharing so much, and I have taken much advice too, for which I am very greatful. I always feel happy when I read your posts. Masha-allah you have a real gift for creativity!! Please don't ever stop your blog....Regards, EmGazi (Sydney)

  3. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sis AVD,
    I'm glad you like, you are very welcome.

    Sister Anony,
    Jazakh'Allah-khaorun for taking the time to stop by, I'm glad you find the blog useful, I love to say hello to sisters around the world, so do keep visiting and commenting.