Sunday 2 January 2011

InCulture Parent January 2011


It's that time again. InCulture Parent has published my column and my article on language. Please do visit and leave your comments and thoughts



  1. wow.. I love this website :) why am I only hearing about it now?? and I cant wait to read your languages article (I blogged a few months ago about the topic of it all)

  2. Asalaamu alaikum

    I love this article. I mainly speak english and a some french even though my parents are bilingual but they didn't pass it on. I wish I could speak so many languages, I've certainly tried but learning from your parents and relatives is the best way. I can say a few sentences though in many languages and this never fails to bring joy to speakers of these other languages. My kids go to a french only school so they are bilingual the way I was supposed to be but I wish they could speak their father's language which is malay. No relatives around to help out though at all and dh didn't try too hard sadly.

  3. Assalam-aalaikam

    Sis Ammena,
    It's a great magazine isn't it? The lady who has been putting the magazine together has a real passion for the subject and has found some really interesting people to write for the mag. I tried looking for your language post but couldn't find it :(

    Sister C,
    I would agree that having family speak a language makes all the difference to children picking it up. I don't speak French, but would love my kids to learn a European language along with Arabic insh'Allah - knowing alangauge opens so many doors and as you say brings joy to others when you speak to them in their language.