Monday 16 August 2010

Variation On A Theme: Floral Stamp

I decided to try my hand at stamping with this DoCrafts V&A stamp inspired by antique patchwork quilts.

I have long since learnt not to stamp directly onto blank cards as the design often doesn't come out right and the card is ruined. I used old opalescent blank cards which I had made mistakes on in the past and cut them into quarters to use the blank side. I then mounted them onto blank opalescent cards using sticky squares:

I tried a few different colours:

I also tried out some multi-coloured ink pads I had picked up a few years ago cheaply but wasn't usre how to use.

This last mix of colours, blues, teals, greens was my favourite. This method would also be good in future to create multiples of a design or to use for other papercrafts such as tags or decorations.

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