Monday 2 August 2010

Crystal Bracelets and Experimenting

One of the things I have been doing recently which I find quite therapeutic is making these bracelets. They are all 8mm glass crystal beads - some opaque, some very sparkly.

I have been seeing these slightly flattened crystal-looking beads in a few shops (like this one) and really like the look of the beads (although perhaps not the price). I have been using an 8mm sized bead. I also found these pretty charms with the same beads at the end of them (although I am struggling to find more of these) and liked the effect.

Little Lady modelling:

In all I have ended up with a nice selection to give away and "test" with different hijabs (ahem). I eventually hope to make more and sell these in sets of three possibly if the current batch stand up to the wear and tear well.

They are a nice heavy weight, but the last time I wore about six or seven (with the hijab below) and they were slightly too heavy.

I wore the hijab and bracelets below today (but only three, the opaque yellow and green which were both a perfect match and a sparkly grey one).

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  1. Salaam sis. You match your colors so prettily. :-) It really makes a nice set together masha'allah.