Monday 2 August 2010

Offerings and Serendipity

Have I ever mentioned that I love my husband’s job? I’m sure I have. He runs a removal business and every now and again he comes home with useful, wonderful or strange things.

Yesterday he helped someone move house and the client gave him some things to get rid of. There was some nice furniture which different friends bagged fairly quickly. There was also this industrial-size Brother sewing machine:

I have been hankering after a machine for ages as I am keen to learn to sew insh’Allah. My mum, aunty and mother-in-law can all sew and mum in particular is a good seamstress, so I will be asking for help (on how to thread the machine up for starters).

He also came home with all of these pots:

The last thing he handed me was a bit of a surprise. I have a number of Margaret Atwood books which are waiting for when I am in the right mood to read them. The one I have read and liked most, but don’t have is the Handmaid’s Tale and I was thinking one or two days ago I would really like to read it again. So I come home from work today and he hands me this book:


  1. I'm enjoying your blog! You're very honest and thoughtful. I am a Muslim convert from the U.S. (Ohio) and I'm going around the Internet trying to find Muslimahs who inspire me. You're one of them. Thank you!

    About the sewing: go for it. You'll find it very satisfying. And not really hard to learn.

    May Allah be with you and your family.

  2. I read the Handmaids Tale at Uni and i liked it too. I think i'll read it again too!