Monday 2 August 2010

Long Black Crystal Beads

I've been thinking about what do with these small black rondelle (donut-shaped) glass crystal beads ever since I got them. In the end, I decided to keep things fairly simple. I got Little Man to help:

Me: "Can you count 15?"
LM: "erm....I'm not sure..."
Me: "Okay, count 10, then 5 more, then add one of the silver shiny ones"

The beads are super sparkly. My camera phone doesn't quite catch the details of the silver spacers which have white rhinestones, or the sparkle of the faceting on the beads.

I made it extra long so that I can wear it with my larger hijabs. Usually I make the top third or so out of another material: ribbon, chain, plainer beads as this gets hidden behind the hijab, but with this I used the beads all the way round because I wanted a classic piece I could wear with anything insh'Allah.

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