Friday 21 May 2010

Mendhi Card and Party

I was invited by a freind to her sisters henna this week, so wanted to make a card to take along. This picture was from a beautician's advert which had come through my letterbox a few days before.

This was an easy card, because I had to put something together quickly before the henna. Green card for the background because the green and red contrast felt quite traditional for a South Asian wedding. The ribbon border of the picture is from Laura Ashley and reminded of the gota kinari lace used on traditional clothing

The henna itself? It rocked!! My friend and her cousins had clearly put a lot of hard work into making her sister's henna special. Two of our Bengali freinds attended with me and commented that Pakistani henna's have such a sense of fun and liveliness. This was in evidence here too.

The favours co-ordinated with my and Little Ladies bags.

The food was good.

Dessert was traditional zarda or sweet rice

I loved the brides entrance. She was carried in by her brother and cousins in a palanquin.

Little Lady worked the traditional yellow and green henna theme (she even stuck a tiny sticky gem on her nose to imitate her mum's nose stud)

My friends sister-in-law had spent all day making these flower bracelets:

There were plenty of very traditional decorations and touches

Before we went home, all the ladies were given the flower bracelets to wear, a very sweet touch.

Before I went home my friend introduced me to her granny who knew my mum (small world - we worked together for a year before realising that we had grown up in the neighbourhood, with her grand house opposite mine and hers literally round the corner). Her gran knew everyone in my family and asked after each one. I smiled when she asked me if I had finished my studies yet and pointed to Little Lady.

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  1. A'salaamu alaikum. Just wanted you to know I love seeing the photos from your cultural celebrations. I was married to a Muslim Indian (my daughter is half south-east Asian masha'Allah) and I really loved all the color and vibrancy I witnessed.

    Ma salaama...