Friday 14 May 2010

Finishing Off Cards & Algerian Action Craft Fair

I have a big pile of cards that I have started and not finished. Many of them are a repeat of a theme or a set of papers in the same colour or style. Many are where I created a background, ready to work on when inspiration struck or when I needed a card at short notice. Sister Emma of Algerian Action provided me with just the impetus I needed to finish some of these cards with her Craft fair on May 31st which will showcase all kinds of handmade goods.

I have a whole pile more to complete, so hopefully will be able to set aside some time this weekend to play with my gems and alphabet punches insh'Allah.
(Please excuse the crappy pictures, Little Man seems to have taken an interest in photography (mostly of the view up his nose) and has dropped my camera-phone so many times I can barely see anything through the screen!)


  1. Masha'Allah,They really ARE fabulous! Thank you once again for generously donating them to the project. Emma x

  2. lovely . my curiosity is killing me. how'd you make the "Eid Mubarak" . Die Cuts ? Stick ons ?

    1. Assalam-alaikam Pixie,
      they are peel-off's (is that what you mean by stick-one?). I used to be able to find them easily on ebay before, but struggling a little now. Will have to hunt around.