Monday 3 May 2010

Hijab Pins

I thought I would try something new today, so dug out these long eye-pins I ordered from ebay some time ago.

I had so much fun picking out the beads and threading them onto the pins with wire. I tied the nots in the wire at the end and then added a touch of UHU glue to stop the knots untying. This project was very quick and easy alhamdulillah.

I plan to make loads more of these as treats for family and freinds and perhaps for a giveaway on this blog too insh'Allah.

What do you think? What would be a good colour combination to try in the future?

If you want to have a go there are Youtube video tutorials here and here.


  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,
    They're lovely ma sha Allah! I really like the 2nd and 3rd ones!

  2. Anonymous04 May, 2010

    Salaam, I found this page a while ago and hesitated about whether or not to express my confusion. I hope you won't be offended by this. I just find it hard to understand, and maybe you can enlighten me, how you define your blog as that of a Muslim in the title, yet the first and last words on it are about hijab. I find this slightly narrow and discriminatory, even as a wearer of hijab myself. It is a thing I have observed, that many women of Muslim background assume that all they, as born Muslims, need to do in order to be real Muslim Sisters, is put on a scarf (maybe add in a few other behaviours), even if they are just doing it for ease, or as a style statement, or because of their family, whatever. Why does this define you as a Muslim? The central issue about women in Islam is always about hijab in Western media etc, why are you encouraging this reductionism? I appreciate that your take on it is positive, but aren't you forgetting Allah's other blessings in making it the focus of your Muslim identity? To me it would make more sense for a Muslim to describe themselves as prayer-loving, or maybe lovers of the beauty God has created, maybe even God-loving. But then, each one their own I guess :-) and I can see that many people relate to you...

  3. Anonymous11 May, 2010

    my sister made me some earnings with swaoski beads similar to your pins and they look fab, I am sure the pins will look fantastic, oh to see them at the craft fair inshaallah.