Monday 3 May 2010

Little Miss Pigtails

Little Lady and I have a constant battle over her hair. I want to keep cutting it off in the belief that this will mean she will have better hair when she is older. She wants to grow it in the beleif that she cannot be a princess or mermaid without long hair.

I have been meaning to get her hair cut but just haven't got round to it with the result that her hair was long enough to get into stubby pigtails for the first time. She was over the moon telling everyone about her braids including her grandparents in Pakistan. They stuck straight out vertically from her head till the evening when they finally started to droop.

(She's still getting a haircut next weekend, I just won't tell her till then).


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  2. your blog is proof to me that i am not alone. my daughter and i have this constant battle too, and everytime she won't let me comb it, i threaten to chop it off. she also believes that she needs her hair to be long so she can be a princess or mermaid. also, she is easting loads of red fruits and veggies to turn it red.


  3. MashaAllah, she is really cute :)

  4. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sis Asiya,
    thats a new one, eating red food to turn her red, I bet she wants to be Ariel? You can hear Little Lady from the other end of the house singing aah-aah-aah like Ariel, it's hilarious.

    that will make her smile, her and her dad like reading the comments on here on the sly ;)

  5. mashallah, adorable girlie!

    How does cutting her hair when she is young make it better when she is older? Sounds like an old urban legend.

  6. must have had a good time today. Mashallah well-spent bank holiday :-)

  7. My mom always kept my hair short when I was younger, because it was horrible. I don't know if it made it better when I was older. When I was little, the back of my hair would frizz up so bad, it was like trying to comb a cotton ball. I remember my mom whacking me with the brush as she pulled my head, telling me to hold still. I think the thing that made it better was finally letting it grow. The frizz smoothed out. I won't say I have great hair (it is blond and very fine, and humidity makes it flat), but some people like it (mainly my husband). The thing about the red veggies is a good idea...only I have only boys, and none want red hair. Aaaaah, the power of the media. My number 3 son loves to eat carrots and celery (raw) because of watching the Wonderpets.

    Good luck with the hair cut!

  8. Assalam-alaikam,
    Sister Jamicam,
    I think it is most likely an urban legend, good hair is genetic I suppose, but it's an urban myth I have firmly fixed in my head, hence the numerous times Little Lady got her head shaved as a baby.

    I have many a happy memory of getting my head whacked with a hairbrush as a child.

  9. MashaAllah,she is really cute,But She was over the moon telling everyone about her braids including her grandparents in Pakistan. So......Thank's