Saturday 27 March 2010

Wedding Preparation: Purple

The theme for our side of the family for my brothers wedding was purple:

This is the motif running through my abayah, mum's shalwar kameez, Long-Suffering Sisters jacket and Fashionista's Anarkali dress.

I bought this flower and ribbon to customise Little Lady's white dress, that way, it could be used again for a different wedding as a plain dress or customised to a different colour theme.

It's traditional in Pakistan to give out handfuls of nuts and sweets after the nikkah (wedding ceremony) is complete. Me and the baby couldn't stop eating this, so it had to be packed quick. (we used the same mixture to fill the favours.

These are the jewels dripping off the shoulders of Kooky Little Sisters dress, I think she out-blinged everyone!

My horrendous to-do list and some more purple. When hubby went to pick up my outfit, I asked him to get me something sweet too. He forgot, so went out again as everyone was getting to bed and came back with the chocolate.

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