Saturday 27 March 2010

Night Before the Wedding

My boy cousins (my little brothers) have been helping us with getting things ready for my brothers wedding. From running around at the henna, serving food, preparing the hall, arranging transport for the wedding to anything else we have needed them for (mash'Allah one of them is training to be a scholar and will be doing the wedding-day speech on marriage).

Yesterday they turned up with packaged baskets for us four sisters saying we had worked so hard that we deserved gifts too. We opened them to find clothes pegs, fake moustaches, £-shop toiletries, pot noodles, arm warmers and even a plastic buddha. The boys were in hysterics when they saw our faces. They had raided the £-shop and then sat in the gift shop where they bought the baskets and packaged everything whilst they were laughing like crazy.

Being as sweet as they are, they then pulled out the real gifts they bought us, which were very expensive handbags and perfume which left us all a bit speechless.

One of Fashionista's friends came round to do our henna. It turned out a beautiful shade of burgundy when we washed the paste off.

Today is our only brother's wedding day, so you can imagine everyone is excited and emotional. Yesterday my brother kept saying "I'm not nervous, why do you think I am nervous?" and the bride was in tears of exhaustion and emotion. I can't wait to see them getting married today, they will make such a good-looking couple mash'Allah .
Please make dua for us that everything goes well insh'Allah.

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  1. Aslamu alakum awww how exciting sis, inshaallah it all went well , some lovely henna there mashaAllah!