Monday 29 March 2010

Books in Neat Rows

When I first got my bookshelves I loved them because they could house all my beloved books and more. Over the years thought they have gotten messier and messier with everyone using them as a place to dump just about everything:

So I hankered to replace them, but never actually did anything about it. That was until on the way home from mum's yesterday, hubby told me he had brought home a bookshelf and that I might have to put up with it blocking the way until he decides what to do with it.

Of course, once I saw it I squealed with delight, it was just the kind I had wanted. I just love my husband's removal job. It was unused and free. So of course I wanted to keep it.

Only problem was it was Sunday night and I had planned an early night so that I could get up for work in the morning (after a very hectic long weekend). But I was too excited to be patient or sensible, so we put the kids to bed, took down all of the books, beads and toys, dismantled the shelves and dragged over the new one:

Everything fitted, the shelves take up less space and look neater and my anal side was in bliss. It was also a good opportunity to have a good clear out while the kids weren't looking, although I paid for it in the morning. Oh look there's even space beside it for another single unit for my craft supplies...


  1. Salaams

    Ah the joys (and pains) of organising books!

    I would have done the same thing as you if I had an empty bookshelf hanging around waiting to used ;)

    The new shelf looks great and you did a excellent job of arranging the books.

    I never have enough bookshelf space in my house, subhan Allah.


  2. Aslamu alakum
    well done was worht the late nice so much neater and compact looks sturdy too. I don't belive it took every thing from the old one, i think you got rid of more than you saying opps those poor kids. I am the same clear out when their out!

  3. Assalam-alaikam Sisters,

    I seriously managed to fit most of the stuff in. The shelves were deep so I put some of the books in rows 2 and 3 deep, there's still space left if I manage to find anything else I want to read in the boots this summer...

  4. That is a great change. Who would have thought a different bookshelf could make things so much neater? Great choice!

  5. well it looks fab sister mashaAllah