Tuesday 23 March 2010

Blogging Observations

I haven’t been blogging much recently partly due to my resolve to pay more attention to my family and home, partly because of the running around we have been doing for my brothers wedding and to be entirely honest because I have been less motivated at times to do so.

Looking around the blogosphere, I keep seeing blogs that have wound down or been deleted with people saying that their blogging career has run its course or that blogging was no longer the medium best suited to self-expression.

Many of the blogs I used to frequent have shut down (Umm Zaid’s Sunni Sisters particularly springs to mind and is missed). Many others have changed focus or lost their vibrancy and I feel that this is perhaps what is happening to my blog.

I wonder if I have said everything that I needed to say. I also have questions in my mind regarding using photo’s of my kids, particularly Little Lady, as they get older, although more and more the pictures I use are more obscured ones (I have to get a decent camera at some point as every photo on this blog is from my camera phone).

In all honesty, I don’t think I am ready to give up blogging yet. I have met so many amazing sisters through it – via the comments, e-mails and in person. It has brought new opportunities my way and definitely broadened my horizons. My original purpose is still there: acting as a counter to the false portrayals of Islam I see on the internet, trying to show that Muslim women are not the stereotypes created around us, dawah, sharing what I learn, learning from others and reaching out to other sisters.

So I may not post as often, but I will post when I can. I like the “blogging without obligation” idea that says that if you blog only when you want to and feel inspired to, then your blog will retain its integrity and you’ll carry on enjoying it. I think this works for me for now.


  1. Sister, please don't go. I really benefit from your posts, they are inspirational ...

  2. A'salaamu alaikum sister. I really enjoy your blog and insha'Allah you will keep on. If not may Allah guide you and bless you always. If you do... well the same. :-)

    Ma salaama...

  3. then if that works for you sis.. carry on doing it that way :D I would miss you if you left blogger land :D as for the photos you could always make a private blog for the sisters you really know (like I have) or even just block them out like I see many girls do (the gori wife life blog comes to mind)

  4. eyes serene24 March, 2010

    Assalamu alaikom,
    My blog has been open since 2008. I haven't always posted regularly to it, and my posts aren't often (ever? heh) mind-blowingly interesting... but I keep wanting to go back to it, eventually. It is relaxing and it's great mental stimulation, at the same time. Anyway, point being, I understand what you're saying, as I've had all those thoughts, too. :)

  5. Assalamo elikuim
    Please dont stop!!!
    I check your blog everyday(even the days I am cramped with work,kids stuff, deadlines etc). Its my break .
    I have learned from and enjoyed so many of your posts- though I dont always comment since most of the times I dont have anything useful to write :)
    I can understand you being busy with your real life but sister dont leave us :( :( . Drop a post or two whenvere you can.


  6. Aslamu alakum
    we all get busy and the need to wind down on stuff to give time to more important stuff. please don't go anywhere sister i for one check in regular and will miss you heaps. Your blog is great mashaallah and i love reading your ''stuff'', post less asit helps and anyhow less is more sometimes. take a blog break and come back and see how you feel sometimes its all it takes.

    Rainbow In the grey sky

  7. Keep blogging..we're still reading you :-)

  8. My blogging mood comes and goes as well. There have been times I’ve posted several times a week and others where I’ll go a month without. I agree that to blog without the sense of obligation is important; otherwise you’re posting just to post. I’m a Happy Muslim Mama too :) Nice to meet you!