Sunday 26 July 2009

Graduation Barbeque

It probably sounds a bit pathetic, but neither my family, nor my in-laws, nor my parents family have ever had a barbeque before, so we thought we would start a tradition. Also, noticing the fun we seem to have at our ladies only Eid parties, my husband has been threatening for ages to have a barbeque for the boys.

So I thought it would be nice to celebrate my brother-in-laws graduation from his MBA course and decided to throw a barbeque. I reminded my husband last week to buy a barbeque, then again six days ago, then again fice days get the picture. This afternoon he turned up with one at last, just when I thought I'd have to put everything on the cooker grill.

I marinated the lamb chops (recipe to follow) and chicken tikka pieces (using this recipe) the (mid)night before, and also prepared the mince for seekh kebabs (using the same recipe as for these).

The bunting I made earlier in the week came in useful again.

Neither I nor my husband were expecting the food to turn out that well. It was my first attempt at many of the things and also we assumed this whole barbeque thing would take practice (some burnt, some raw in the middle). Surprisingly though, everything tasted good.

Lamb Chops

This was the first time I had tried making naan (I used this recipe), and the turned out okay.

Ended up with a good meal overall, which we shared with my parents and sisters.

I tried to order a fresh cream cake and left it too late, so cheated by buying a tray bake cake and writing on it with icing pens.

Mum saved the day though, by turning up with a proper cake. Of course, the barbeque took a traditional English turn when it drizzled on us through most of the afternoon.

My favourite were the sweetcorn, which we left at the end, whilst we ate, to slow cook. They were delicious and I cleared up and waited for everyone to go in before sneaking back out with my sweetcorn to sit on my little bench in the rain and savour it. I managed three before my mother-in-law warned me to stop or I'd get stomach-ache.

We had great fun, I gave the kids bubbles to keep them busy and there are plenty of left-overs to take to work tomorrow. It's true though, what they say about barbeques, the woman does all the work and the man stands by the barbeque and gets all the credit


  1. I am so glad it turned out well for you. In the US, the barbecue cooking is typically the man's job, and most do a great job. It is something some people do every weekend all summer, but there are certain holidays where a
    a barbecue is "mandatory." Many people prefer the ease of a gas grill, but I love the flavor of a charcoal grill.

    I miss barbecue here in Peru. Grills are pretty expensive, and right now out of our budget. We only did one barbecue, and we borrowed my husband's aunt's grill. But I do miss it.

    I saw the pictures of your naan, and it has a very similar appearance to Mexican tortillas and Navajo fry bread.

    Glad you had a great time.

  2. Ooh sweetcorn is my fave also!! In South Africa, the barbecue or braai as we call it, is a national pastime. We don't need an excuse for a braai...and the best thing is, it's something that everyone here does regardless of cultural, language or status barriers :-D

  3. Here in the US we call sweet corn "corn on the cob". It is so tasty when cooked on the BBQ. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

    You shouldnt get a belly ache frome it, however I cant promise there wont be other after effects!

    Im glad you enjoyed yourself!

  4. Hello/Salaams Elizabeth,
    I did notice that you guys seem to be big on barbeques (4th of July seems to be incomplete without a bbq).

    The naan bread is thicker and softer than tortilla's maybe more like the Navajo bread which I had never heard of before, so googled. Oh my gosh, it looks yummy and easy to make. I might have a go at this, so thanks.

    Assalam-alaikam Sis Washi,
    I had no idea you Sarfers (as all the young South Africans are calling each other here in London) are barbie crazy too.

    Sis iMuslimah,
    I think we call it corn on the cob too, I like the Punjabi word - "bhutta" as well, and they were very tasty.
    I really wasn't expecting the food to turn out that great because it was our first attempt, but it was yummy, and far cheaper than if we would have ordered naan and kebabs in.