Monday 20 July 2009

Samosa Factory

The oncoming beginning of Ramadan has been at the back of my mind recently and Sister Hijabi Apprentice offered a good reminder in her recent post. With this in mind I thought now would be a good time to start planning and preparing for this special month.

I try to ensure that my main focus is on improving my faith and working on my book of good deeds (insh’Allah), but food is also a focus. Planning food preparation beforehand also means that I get more time to do the things I would like to during Ramadan. One rule of thumb I have is to keep it simple – fruit, dates and a simple meal, when it is just us and something a bit more special if the in-laws are staying. This is because I can be a dictator regarding my own and my husband’s diet, but don’t feel it is fair if I decide what everyone else can eat. Guests for iftar also get the special food.

At the moment my mother-in-law and two brothers-in-law will be here for most of Ramadan, so I am trying to cook in bulk and freeze. This Sunday was spent making chicken spring rolls (I used this recipe for the filling) I did attempt one samosa, but it was very clear that nice neat little triangles weren’t going to happen (despite watching this excellent tutorial). I intend to wait until my mum makes hers (which are perfect of course) and then sit and copy her.

I will be attempting other recipes in the run-up to Ramadan and posting any that are decent. More than this I hope to find some motivation and inspiration to really improve my iman (faith) insh’Allah, get my children excited about Ramadan and make the most of this sacred month.

I can’t wait to see what other sister’s post about relating to this and would love to learn from sisters in the comments about what their goals for Ramadan will be and how they will achieve them.


  1. Assalam Alaikum...I am already hungry! Would you like to participate here: Also, Sketched Soul has a Ramadan Swap coming up...

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Those look really good! Bah~ I can never make those triangular samosas ... no matter how hard I try, they only come out looking really ugly! :(

  3. I love folding triangle samoosa's for my Mum...I'm a good folder which says a lot from a non-cook like me :-D

    My ambitions for Ramadan is the same as every Ramadan - to be a better Mulimah and sustain it through the coming year till next Ramadan insha'Allah. Of course, like everyone, I confess to thinking a lot about food and even cooking so do a lot of qur'anic readings to focus inwards...LOL

  4. Anonymous23 July, 2009

    Assalamo elikuim
    Cant believe Ramadan is almost a month away!!!
    Better start atleast food preparations :) so that Inshallah can focus on ibadah.
    I like your chicken rolls recipe. I am very bad at neatly wrapping the samaosa, they are either too loose so that the oil gets in or they are tight but not a perfect triangle shape .