Friday 17 July 2009

Hijab Bargain – Wallis Pashmina’s

I love to spread news of a bargain and I know a lot of sisters have problems finding modest clothing and decent hijabs. So if I come across any good deals I will post about them.

I bought these pashmina’s yesterday in Wallis, they are linen mix, so good for summer and they were reduced from £18 to £5 (although the website is still showing £7). I wore the beige one today with chocolate brown abaya and pumps. The pink and blue will go to my sister-in-law in Pakistan as part of her graduation gift. (BTW – does anyone have any good ideas for graduation presents for both boys and girls?)


  1. Cute mashaAllah, and i love those shoes!!

  2. Assalam-alaikam sister Lazeena,
    well they certainly save my feet.

  3. Men are tough to shope for, but for a woman/girl, how about a beautiful diary, where she can record her journey through the next stage of her life? you could write something very thoughful on the inside cover, maybe a poem, a surah- something inspirational.

  4. Maybe you should become a personal shopper?! Books, books, books...are always the greatest gifts. InshaAllah, watch out for a postcard...