Tuesday 4 September 2007

Crafty Mum - Eid Cards

As things have gotten so hectic right now I'm glad that I made a whole load of my Eid cards in June whilst I was on maternity leave. Few more to go (if I ever get a spare second) and I will be done. Sorry the pictures arent great, kooky little sis gave me a hand at taking them as I am still getting the hang of the digital camera lark.


  1. Really beautiful Eid Cards. Can I buy them??

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, has really made my day. Havent made enough to sell, but would really really encourage you to have a go too. I find that the more time I try to make for something creative, the more creative I become in every part of my life. Best thing is to get to the pound shop and also sort through your old cards and bits and bobs from around the house (buttons, bits of old toys and hair bobbles, kids junk and make something beautiful out of it.