Monday 2 February 2009


I took this picture from my bedroom window last night, surprised at how much snow had stuck and not expecting any of it to be there in the morning.

I woke up to about 4-5 inches of snow. The lady on the news was saying it's been the most snowfall in London since 1991. My husband drove me (very slowly) to work, where I sat around for the next two-and-a-half hours taking calls from people saying they won't be in and can I do them a favour and cancel their meeting/catering/event/room booked etc and let such-and-such know. The manager rolled in at about 10am shocked that I had turned up and sent me home (hubby, kids and dad all came to pick me up).

We headed to my mum's to find my brother's wheels had been buried. The car didn't stay like that for long as snowball fights started on the street and every bit of snow was grabbed. The postman started it and before long kids, teenagers and adults were throwing balls at each other, passerbys and passing cars - some of which were stopping for people to get out and throw snowballs before driving off again. My husband decided to join in and got pasted by the teenagers.
The fresh blanket of deep snow in Mum's garden looked so inviting - makes you want too roll around in it doesn't it?

Mum's Camelia's was laden and as she is protective of the plants she works so hard to take care of, she sent Fashionista Sister (who was also sent home from work) into the garden with a broom to knock the snow off.
The kids were so excited that they wanted to build a snowman. It wasn't long though before they got cold and rushed inside leaving me, Fash and Mr Removal Man to finish off. It still hasn't stopped snowing.

My youngest brother-in-law has spent two periods of six months with us, visiting from Pakistan and was eagerly hoping to see snow. I'll be sending him these pictures. Everyone is expecting things to be to back to normal tomorrow, with the busses and trains back out once the roads have been gritted. But knowing London's public transport and the prediction for more snow in the next gfew days, I'm sure there'll be all sorts of drama tomorow.


  1. masha'allah.. I love how snow makes people forget boundaries :) thanks for the pictures sis

  2. Thanks for sharing your's so hot here, wouldn't mind rolling around in snow right now LOL

  3. Aslamu alakum sister
    i remember the snow of 1991, i managed to get into work and i had to cover many areas due to the ones that couldn't make it. As a hospital needs to run, staffed or not. I saw a few snow men but i love yours its so cool. I spent most part of the afternoon in bed, dozing really. i like the snow but when it grinds London to a halt then i think humm not so good huh?

    Glad you guys had fun.

  4. salaam alaykum and thanks for your comment. I enjoy reading your blog. enjoy the snow and stay warm and be safe! islaminafrica