Sunday 8 February 2009

Local Exhibition

One of our local masjids has recently built a daycare centre across the road from the masjid. I like the idea of attending talks and events, but have been unable to because I cannot take my children, or it is too far. The new centre means that as well as a place for Muslim groups (women's, disabled etc) to meet, there is a local place within walking distance where I can go and feel a bit more involved with the active part of the large Muslim community we have here.

Last week I attended a talk by Hakim Archuletta of the US which I intend to do a write up of when I have a mo and an Islamic martial arts demonstration which I learned a lot of useful things from.

Today we attended an Islamic Exhibition with the children. Most of the exhibits I have seen before (I think they all use the same resources sourced from these people) and were a mixture of posters and exhibits.

They also had the local police, fire service and council attending, with a nice display about Islam and recycling and another by a local school. I was surprised when I realised that the display was a result of RE lessons at a state school and not from an Islamic school.

I thought this was a nice idea to try with the kids sometime. My favorite one was the one that said "treat your parents wth kindness, speak to them with respect".

This set of pictures showed how our lovely masjid was built.

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