Thursday 19 February 2009


There has been a lot in the news about downturn and recession in the last few months, but you don’t realise until it is right in your face. Some sister’s arguments against mothers working seem very insignificant right now and alhamdulillah, I am very grateful right now to have work and very grateful that my husband is still getting jobs.

I can think of a handful of families and individuals who have approached my husband for any work he can give them – a few are personal acquaintances. Some have permission to work in this country, others do not. All have families, rent and bills to take care of and minimal or no income to take care of them with.

My husband was approached at our home a few weeks ago by a man who saw his removal van on the street – he knocked and asked if we would move his belongings and let us pay him later as his house was being re-possessed and he had no money. He had his six year old boy with him (his wife had a drug problem and had left them). He had borrowed all the money he could from friends and was trying to sell his car while he waited for some money to come through.

I don’t recall the last recession, but mum tells me it was terrible time. My parents knew friends who lost their home and mum tells me about a friend whose husband passed away to leave her with a mortgage she couldn’t pay. She began by selling her belongings and when she had nothing left, she has to accept that she was going to lose her home. At that time mortgages were manageable (a chunk of your income) – now they are enormous (your whole income and a bit more).

This is going to be a difficult time, I read in the Times (10/02/09) that the recession was going to be the biggest in 100 year and that it could last 15 years. As Muslims in the West the last few years have been challenging, but the next few could be ones where we could really change people’s prejudices and views about us.

Sometimes it’s not enough, but it’s something – to ask your friends and neighbours if there is anything you can do to help. If you have a business or offer a service, maybe to offer someone the chance to pay later (or maybe for free), to offer to watch someone’s child, to pass on a job opportunity – to non-Muslims as well as Muslims.

'Verily, Allah is the Provider, the Possessor of Power, the Mighty.’ ~Al-Quran 51:58


  1. A thoughtful post, sister... I hope some will implement the thought echoed- unfortunately, in this day and time, nobody wants to give away or perform a service for free... sad but true

  2. Good thought.

    I'm always thinking how it is as I take decision not to leave the job a year and half ago, but everything in Allah hands. This is the time where we should all go back to Allah with fully heart and mind that job and wages not the one which provide us. it's only means and reasons. But, rezki can come with out reason anytkme and anywhere Allah like it to be.

  3. Great post. It's true, recession has hit us hard. Burglaries are very common here, we keep hearing stories of thieves breaking in almost every day. Rich and upper middle class don't feel it as much as the middle and the poor class do. They have resorted to stealing, not surprising really.

  4. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister Empress,
    you are right, but there are good amongst the bad. If my husband sees someone is in difficulty, he will always undercharge or in the past has not charged. I'm not in his positon, but my work involves dealing with the public who bring their problems to the Mayor, so I can help them access services which might help - we can all do our small bit.

    Sister Ummi,
    Of course that is the case. Earlier in the year when I faced redundancy my husband really made me understand that Allah will continue to sustain me whether I work or not. And how often have we needed money/something and by some excuse it has come to us unexpectedly?

    Sis Thoughts Unchecked,
    it's the same in Pakistan, people have never felt so unsafe there or that dissolutioned regarding work or the economy (everybody is convinced they have to leave the country to earn anything)