Tuesday 15 April 2008

Don’t Wanna

I am finding that as I get older (into my grand old late 20’s) rather than doing the things I should do dutifully, I am having a hard time doing things I don’t want to do. As a teenager and young adult, I always thought about what others want and I assumed that as I could older this would become the case more so, after all it’s a child that pouts and refuses to do what he is told only on the basis of “I don’t wanna”.

What I have found though is that as I become more comfortable with who I am and more aware of what I want, I just feel disinclined to do the things that are not of interest to me. The problem arises when these are things I have to do get done.

I am sitting at work with a big batch of typing in front of me to get done today with another lot coming my way shortly. Only thing is I just cannot get my brain to understand I have to do this, it’s just not interested in listening. Every time I start, my brain rebels and I end up back on the internet or typing posts for this blog.

I am going to have to do something about this. I could look for another job (and start all over again with probation, looking for a place to pray etc), but in the meantime the typing is not going anywhere.


  1. i know the feeling, my brain dusnt like doing typing either so i thot il have a pack of crisps and a cake and read your blog instead... ;o)

  2. Oi FS, you're too young to rebel, you have years of donkey-work left in you yet, get back on the hamster wheel (where's my cake?)