Wednesday 2 April 2008

Bargain Books

On the way home today I thought I would have a look in the charity shop to see if there were any nice books. I think I hit the jackpot today.

The books I found were:
  • Simple Glass Seed Beading: Dorothy Wood - £1 (rrp £17.99). The pretty things inside look very hard to make, but its good for inspiration and it has pretty pictures
  • In The Company of Cheerful Ladies: Alexander McCall Smith - £1.50 (rrp £6.99). I love this series of books.
  • Love Over Scotland: Alexander McCall Smith - £1 (rrp £6.99). By the author of the above so looks promising.
  • Wanting Everything The Art of Happiness: Dorothy Rowe - 99p (rrp £9.99) - I just love self-help books.
  • The AudreyHepburn Way of Love: Melissa Helstern - £1.29 (rrp £9.99). An indulgence I know, but she is my favourite actress and style icon.
  • The Bookseller of Kabul: Asne Seierstad - £1. (rrp 6.99). I have heard so much about this book and wanted to get my hands on it, so this was a lovely surprise.
  • In Evil Hour: Gabriel Garcia Marquez - £1 (rrp £7.99). One of my favourite writers and I hadn't heard of this book.
  • The Red Tent: Anita Diamant - 69p (rrp £6.99). An excellent read. I had it before, but my posse of sisters (or gaggle?) borrowed it and that was that.

That will keep me occupied on the bus for the next few weeks. Reviews to follow in due course.

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