Tuesday 15 April 2008


I mentioned in an earlier post that the family might visit Pakistan for a holiday in December. My main worry was Little Lady not having enough school holiday (one week off and you lose your place in school – the Head Teacher is adamant that nothing short of a death certificate from a close relative will lead her to authorise an absence for visits abroad).

That was until yesterday when Mr Removal Man came up with the idea that we could go during the school summer holidays. My first reaction was AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!, panic. Passports, visa’s, no money for tickets, shopping, vaccinations, I’ve got nothing to wear, they’ll think I’m weird for wearing an abaya to a wedding, its too hot, we’ll all get sick!!!! When I had calmed down, my husband dissuaded me from starting a list (best cure for panic) and tried to explain that a suitable lady had been found for brother-in-law 1 and a prospective wife was being considered for brother-in-law 3 (No. 2 is already married and sprog 2 is due to be delivered around the time of our visit as is other sister-in-law’s sprog 2).

So now we are trying to get ready for a month in lovely Pakistan which I have been looking forward to for a long time. Two wedding and two babies insh’Allah, a whole lots of parties and shopping, a month of free baby sitting for the kids from doting relatives and best of all riding around on a motorbike with hubby like newly-weds again. Was also hoping to hire a bus and take the whole family to nice cold Murree in the north and will have to spend three days in my grandparents village (with the electric rationed to two hours a day) so will get a chance to find more about my family tree and history.

What’s worrying though is its usually 45 degrees Celsius or thereabouts in summer in Lahore (around 110 degrees fahrenheit) which means you can’t do much but sit still, and as the other two ladies of the house are in “confinement”, I’ll have to do all the wedding prep. Although there is the benefit that it gets so hot that the mosquitoes just disappear. I am very scared for the little ones though. On our last visit when Little Lady was 10 months she got very bad diarrhoea and ended up on a drip and I absolutely hated myself for letting her get so ill despite better half’s exhortations that illness and health are from Allah (mothers are entirely irrational creatures). I also got very painful food poisoning and came back a slim size eight.

Just need to keep the image of the motorbike in mind and ignore the jitters…where’s my list!!!

P.S I would welcome any information and advice regarding: holidays/travel with children, dealing with hot weather, preparing for a wedding in Pakistan/Lahore, avoiding food poisoning, keeping the kids healthy, it would really help.


  1. Salam sister,

    I'm not sure too much as I never been to Pakistan. But, when I go back to Malaysia, the weather also hot. Mosquito bite, diarrhea and etc always round the corner.

    I'm always make sure I bring back with me diarrhea tablet also for the kids. If I can see a bit or sign, than the tablet straight in to the mouth. Also sun cream, sunglass for them, mosquito bite cream and I'm also carry a allergic tablet or medicine for children as sometimes they got reaction towards mosquito bite or any other insect.

    Plenty water and try to avoid buying drinking water from the street. I do know it hard sometimes to avoid such a thing as too many thing to look after apart from children. Shopping, visiting and etc. Last dec I been back to my Malaysia also for my brother's wedding and it's so hectic and I told my other sister and brother don't get married in this near future yet.

    Anyway, I really hope you will enjoy the holiday. Make a plan but just take anything that come in between nice and easy..Nothing perfect..That's the only medicine to enjoy the holiday..

  2. Assalamu alaykum sister!

    I can understand your trepidation, but mashaallah how exciting it will be to see your family!!!!

    Re: getting sick abroad, have you checked websites for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO)? They often have info for travelers about latest health issues, and how to prepare, for every country! It seems like a nifty resource. What about a visit to your family doctor or pediatrician? they can advise you on how to treat some of the common ailments. You will probably be more relaxed if you go armed with the basics.

    Best of luck of to you! I hope you decide to post some photo essays when you return, inshaallah!

    Ma Salaama :)

  3. Assalam-alaikam Sister Ummi and Sister iMuslimah,
    thanks for the great advice. I'll check out the CDC WHO websites, didn't think of that.

    iMuslimah - I wondered where you ahd gotten to, thought you might have the baby. Keep well insh'Allah