Thursday 20 March 2008

Hey Little Lady - You Made My Day

I am pleased as punch this morning after visiting Little Lady’s school for her Parents Consultation Day (at 8am in the morning!). I spoke with her teacher last year about her progress and although she was doing well with learning, her behaviour was causing concern. She was resorting to using her hands to get what she wanted and was aggressive towards other children who didn’t do as she said.

This was around the time Gorgeous had come along and we wondered with the teacher if that had affected her behaviour. Really, I wondered if it was something I had done wrong. I had smacked her in the past, though resolved never to do so again and I shout when frustrated.

This morning her teacher reported that she was a different little girl, happy, well-behaved, assertive, but not aggressive. The teacher had really noticed a maturity developing in her behaviour.

She is doing well with her numbers and alphabet and I have noticed in the last two weeks or so she is trying to write down words by sounding them out (Barbibrts – Barbie Bratz) which is thrilling for me (I know, that sounds soooooo sad) because it means she will be able to read soon and a whole world will open for her.

One thing the teacher did mention though, she wondered if the language we use at home writes from right to left because Little Lady is suddenly starting to write lots of things backwards. I explained about learning Arabic and we agreed we would have to keep an eye on it and remind her to write the “right” way.

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