Sunday 30 March 2008

Craft Relief

I have been meaning to clear out my craft stuff and had a free morning so enlisted the kids to give me a hand. (“don’t touch”, “yes, you can have star stickers”, “why are you sticking them on the baby?”, “ok, here draw me a picture on this card”, “noooo that’s super-glue!!!”)

I was surprised at how much stuff I had accumulated for both jewellery and cards and other stuff that I haven’t had time to use. I find the craft supplies in shops very expensive so most of it is from boot sales, old jewellery broken up or stuff I had that got damaged (like old broaches or broken bracelets). Other sources are old cards taken apart, my daughters broken hair bobbles, used gift wrap and tags and bits of the kid’s old toys. I found lots of stuff that went great with other stuff and managed to put them together. Lots of people thrive on chaos, I found that putting stuff in order helped me generate lots of ideas.

I also found lots of half-finished cards that I decided to finish and had a go at some new ones. I'll try and pictures up soon. I also found the stuff to make stunning broach, will have a go if I can find some super-glue (I know very professional) and put a picture up.

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