Sunday 30 March 2008

Cook Eat Play

Just when I thought that I would have a quiet afternoon before going back to work tomorrow, Mr Removal Man’s friend phones to say that he would be visiting with his family. His little boy is the same age as Little Man and the two are fast friends (when they are not trying to wallop each other). Seeing as I would have to cook anyway, I decided to invite my uncle and aunt and favourite little cousins over as they are great with my children and the littlest one is friends with Little Lady (a five- and six-year old pair of teenage princesses)

Luckily hubby took the little ones to the park as we finally had a bit of sunshine today so I got to cook and day-dream in peace for a while.

It was quite a nice meal and my fave cousin Dan remembered to compliment me as always (which is something for a 15-year old boy). Now I just need to see if I can corner one of my lovely guests to wash-up. Failing that hubby can do it in the morning, I’m getting the munchkins off to bed.

(P.S. Auntie offered to do the washing up, so that was good)


  1. salaams sis
    just came cross your blog, very colourful with flavor :)
    ur hubby is lucky to get so lovely food:)

    regards from Poland

  2. aslamu alakum sister
    i have not been on your blog for a bit as i was on hols mashaalah. Hey i love the new burst of post , so what did you cook up sister looks lovely , such delights, your kichen looks pretty good too i love the first picture with all that uncooked food layed out , looks like a real meal is on its way masha Allah.