Friday 14 March 2008

Happy Jummah Campaign II

I left the house with Gorgeous bawling because his mum was leaving him, all three of the stars awake at 7am, a terrible journey (waiting 20 minutes for one bus and 30 for another for a journey that usually takes 20 minutes itself) and a very rude e-mail from a very rude person at work.

BUT it’s the precious Jummah Day, so sod all of that. I am happy, the sun has come out as have the daffodils, its pay day and I’ve found the perfect Jummah Day gift to take my parents especially as its Rabi-al-Awal which my dad loves with a passion (I bought them crystal models of Masjid Nabi and the Kaaba reduced from £55 to £17.50).

I hope Allah’s mercy rains down on all of you today and you find the special hour of Jummah that Allah accepts all of our blessings.
HJC Part 1

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