Saturday 6 October 2007

What goes around…part 2

Further to my previous posts about events at work, things are not getting any better. The natural thing to do at times of trouble like these is to rally around, get together, identify the problem being honest about what is going wrong and get down to some real hard work until matters are resolved. So what happened? The sick absence rates have suddenly gone through the roof. The team that sits behind me have one of four staff on two-weeks leave and a further two have called in sick. The fourth is the team leader who has had enough and is threatening to take all next week off sick. The branch manager has also pulled a sickie, giving everyone the chance to dump every awkward file and stray document they can lay their hands on, on his desk in his absence.

Other branches are borrowing what staff we have left (esp the section that started all the trouble and customer services who are having to deal with all of the fed-up clients) so our branch is a bit empty. I overheard another team joking that half had booked leave for next week and the other half were planning to call in sick with a bug and blame it on the air con, which despite complaints is still fluctuating between arctic air blowing out and sub-Saharan temperatures.

Fortunately I have next week off to try to catch up on my ibadat and try to catch the odd nights in the hope of finding Lailat-ul-Qadr (the Night of Decree) and also preparing for Eid.


  1. I'm probably your number one fan and yes you may know who I am!! I think your blogs are inspiring, thought provoking and honest. Keep it up. you have a wonderful way of describing things and are telling a story which most mothers can sympathise with. Just make sure you are happy and inshallah the important people in your life are happy. Eid Munbarak

  2. Salaam darling,
    thanks for your support, Eidan Saeedan to you too.